Rabu, 28 November 2012

kala cinta menggoda

"Sejak jumpa kita pertama
Kulangsung jatuh cinta
Walau kutahu kau ada pemiliknya
Tapi ku tak dapat membohongi hati nurani
Ku tak dapat menghindari gejolak cinta ini
Maka ijinkanlah aku mencintaimu
Atau bolehkah ku sekedar sayang padamu
Memang serba salah rasanya
Tertusuk panah cinta
Apalagi aku juga ada pemiliknya
Tapi ku tak mampu membohongi hati nurani
Ku tak mampu menghindari gejolak cinta ini
Maka maafkan jika ku mencintaimu
Atau biarkan ku mengharap kau sayang padaku"

lagu itu mungkin sesuai dengan apa yang ku alami
disaat ku sdh ada pemiliknya, ada satu orang yang datang mengetuk pintu hati ini

berat rasanya, tapi ini lah cinta
q harus bertahan pada satu cinta yang telah ku jalani

q sayang "dia" dan ku juga sayang "dya"

dya juga mengerti itu
hanya saling memberi tanpa harus meminta tau berharap lebih

"bolehkah ku sekedar sayang padamu atau biarkan ku mengharap kau sayang padaku"

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

‘Thoughts’ on Love and Imagination

Many scientific theories and discoveries start with a conjecture.

Sometimes they start in a dream or in a day dream. For example, the German organic scientist [sic] KekulĂ© ‘discovered’ the benzene ring after dreaming about a snake eating its own tail.

When people dream, their conscious mind is suppressed and access to the ethereal and astral planes is possible. In these planes, you can access information from the past and the future and information which we classify as ‘not known’. Like the structure of benzene.
When people channel, they are effectively initiating and achieving a dream-like state with conscious volition.
The reason for this preamble is that the content in this article comes from these sources.
It is not scientifically verified, it might not be true but neither is it a lie, it’s just a conjecture for readers to take from it what they wish.


For some decades now, cosmologists have worked out that there’s not enough matter (or stuff) in the observable universe to explain why it hasn’t just flown apart. Even Einstein had to come up with a big fudge factor to make his equations add up. His greatest mistake he later called his Cosmological Constant. Modern cosmologists have conjectured that the stuff they can’t see must be “dark matter”‘ and “dark energy”.
While writing my current novel, which is also channelled, I have been having creative fun and freedom to come up with possible answers to such imponderables like “where’s all this dark stuff then?”
The art of a good channeller is never to challenge, interpret or distort the flashes of insight. This is what I’ve been getting.
The dark or un-seeable energy simply can’t be seen by looking ‘out there’. If it exists at all, it resides and travels on dimensions wrapped up (or down) in the ones we perceive.
It is Thought that is holding our four dimensions together and the Thought comes from higher realms of consciousness and awareness manifested through matter. So all matter has a consciousness and the bigger and denser the matter, like stars and planets, the deeper and higher the wisdom. More on this in the novel which incidentally is called Soulwave.


In art, music and literature through the ages, Love has often been depicted as a force. It is a modulation of thought waves and if you have thoughts based on or directed by love, they travel with universal tide of thought.
To understand this better, here’s something that Lisa Turner channelled on a training. You always know she’s channelling as a student has to write it down.
I guess we have all experienced negative emotions and, when you have, they can be quite destructive and ruin your day completely. There are five main negative emotions and they can all be expressed as an opposite aspect of love.
Anger – you are angry you are not loved or your love is not being reciprocated
Sadness – you feel sad you are not receiving or giving love
Fear – you are afraid of losing love
Guilt - perhaps you aren’t giving enough love or taking too much
Hurt – you are aggrieved through lack of love or having someone to love
In this context, you can see that holding any negative thoughts around love will have you flowing against the tide. Think of how you can introduce love into a situation and your thoughts will spread out more easily.
If you think of love as a particle or wave that is carried on the thought field, it has a smoother ride if not interfered with, or even destroyed, by ‘anti-particles’ composed of negative emotions.


The concept of the Big Bang has been around for thousands of years. Only in the last century has its after-shock, the cosmic background radiation, been observed and measured.
The alchemists believed that imagination is built into the very fabric of matter and that, with training and discipline, you only had to imagine something for it to come into being.
If this is true then, extrapolating backwards billions of years, the Big Bang can only have been the result of a cosmic leap of imagination, The spiritual after-shock of which results in faith, or background memory, in a Creator or the Source.
With extrapolation, if every animate and inanimate thing is composed of remnants of the Big Bang, we are all parts of the Source. The separation of which allows the Source to have the experience of self-awareness.

Bringing it all together

Have you ever been in a creative mood, simply loving what you are doing where imaginative thoughts coming in thick and fast? Some people call this being in the flame.
Well what you are doing is working with the full flow of the Universe and not against it.
What is generated is a self-perpetuating and self-fueling loop which can so easily be disrupted by running negative emotions.
- – - – - – – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
The Eye NebulaP.S. The image to the right is of The Eye or Helix Nebula which is the remnant of a supernova that exploded aeons ago. It is also known by the way as the Eye of God and sometimes Melek Metatron.

This star exploded in a self-less act of love so that, from it, more stars and planets and life could form. The fact we can see this from Earth means that some atoms from the explosion are probably in every single one of us. We are sentient star dust. By the way, it’s light takes 700 or so years to get here so we are looking at it as it was around 1300 AD when the telescope had yet to be dreamt up !!

In another act of love and with her star-formed self-awareness, Lisa has embedded a gift of healing into this image. I then had a thought of an experiment. Imagine what would happen if you forwarded a link to this article to 2,3 or 100 friends and then they did the same. Then imagine the resulting Soulwave spreading more thoughts of love and imagination around the planet.
If you like the idea of being a part of this ‘wave, then please send this link to your friends & family http://tinyurl.com/6obv5t